A clinically integrated physician organization

The Highland Healthcare Associates IPA (IPA) is a not-for-profit physician organization affiliated with Winchester Hospital. Our mission is to improve the overall quality, efficiency, and safety of the care delivered to IPA patients through the adoption of evidence-based clinical guidelines and the expansion of technology in our medical community.

The IPA is a clinically integrated IPA, with emphasis on the development, implementation, and measurement of physician compliance with evidence-based clinical guidelines. The IPA’s focus also includes the expansion of electronic technology in the physician practice, including electronic medical records (EMR) and e-prescribing. Our organization provides member physicians with EMR implementation support through a dedicated EMR Project Team. Our clinical integration and technology initiatives have the support, input, and involvement of our physician membership.

The IPA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 10 member physicians. Our physician organization is supported by two Medical Directors and five physician advisory committees that meet regularly to review relevant issues and make recommendations to the Board. The IPA currently has approximately 340 member physicians, including 109 primary care physicians and 254 specialists representing a wide variety of medical and surgical specialties.

The IPA holds contracts with the following payors: Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, HMO Blue, Aetna, Fallon, and Network Health. Nearly 70,000 patients from these health plans have chosen a PCP in the Highland Healthcare Associates IPA. Our member physicians have the option to participate with each of these payors through the IPA’s contracts or to opt out of the IPA Agreements. Our member physicians also participate with a wide spectrum of other payors, including other local insurers and many national PPOs and insurance carriers.

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